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Border wars.jpg The Border Wars of the Upper Ohio Valley by William Hintzen
Precision Shooting Inc. second edition 2001 paperback Written by a noted historian, this piece chronicles the bloody 25 years that was the winning of the Eastern Frontier, centered at Fort Henry (known today as Wheeling, West Virgina). This books brings back to you the days of... Daniel Boone... Simon Kenton... Lewis Wetzel... the Girty brothers... Sam McColloch... Betty Zane, etc. "In a time and place where uncommon heroism and courage were commonplace..." no lover of the history of heroic men and woman will want to put this book down unfinished.
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cover150.jpg Jesus Letter, The
Written by Janice Arena, ISBN 0-9749496-0-4, Published by Imagine Art Studios
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Zane Gray's Superb Lewis Wetzel Trilogy " The Fort Henry Saga"
Complete in onr Volume "Betty Zane" "The Spirit of the Border" and "The Last Trail" all in one hard back edition. Signed by William Hintzen the Publisher of the book.
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The Heroic Age " Tales of Wheelings Frontier Era bt William Hintzen and Joe Roxby
This is a 135 page paper back book. Signed by Bill Hintzen That tells the tales of Lewis Wetzel , Ft. Henry, Betty Zane and many more.
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amishhorses_tn.jpg Amish Horses by Pam Patrick
A wonderful book that is beautifully illustrated by Pam Patrick. A must have for the child in your home! Not available until May 2001.
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Lewis Wetzel - The Virginia Ranger by Cecil B. Hartley
Paperback reprint of the 1860 biography on Lewis Wetzel,Simon Kenton and others
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Full Circle by Keith Casteel
This is Keiths book on his rifles and his life building them . It is a 9 X 12 book with over 150 color photographs of his guns. It's 158 page hardback book with a dust cover. All of the books are Signed by Keith.
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Wetzel The Scout by R.C.V. Myers
This book is a reprint of a book that was written in the1880's as a boys book or dime novel about Lewis Wetzel The Indian Fighter.
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