Story of Hope by Lee Teter

In the light of campfires and the glowing moon, hope was shared. Dreams were told. The land was new to them. Few had ever made the steps these people were taking or left a record of the results. There were no "how to" books and no guarantees. Each step of America's development was based on faith and hope. There was no foreknowledge. We can look back and map the routes they took but they could only look forward and imagine a better world. Now we live in the world their lives made. We build on their success and learn from their mistakes and failures. The world has changed and the rutted trails have been paved because they have been proven. Many things have changed but we still share their hope for the better world. We all camp along the paths of hope. EDITION SIZE: 165, IMAGE: 9" X 12", CANVAS GICLEE
Story of Hope by Lee Teter, Edition size: 165 Release, S/N Gicleť on canvas. 9" x 12" Image size ONE LEFT FRAMED $395.00 [Add to Cart]  [View Cart]