Among Friends,H/P by Lee Teter LAST ONE


Handpainted prints of original pencil drawing. Size 18 x 28 Sometimes “lonesome” pulls muscles tight across the stomach, climbs the throat to choke the vocal chords and push warm tears down soft cheeks for, seemingly, no reason at all. Sometimes even a family full of love and concern can’t stop “lonesome”. Sometimes “lonesome” pulls a young person out of a warm home and into frozen snow beneath sparkling stars. The crisp air shocks the senses, but its icy grip is nothing compared to lonesome. Stars bounce their light through a billion unfeeling, frosty crystals and, like the answer to lonesome, are hopelessly out of reach. Sometimes lonesome comes when the sun is slipping behind blue horizons. Sunsets can tighten every fiber of the soul on their own, but when lonesome adds its pain to a sunset’s beauty, it is almost unbearable. Then, a quiet panic sets in and the lonesome heart finds itself isolated from all reality, except . . . in the vast million-mile void of that lonesome heart, there is a certainty that the lonesome is shared by another. Such certainty of that connection merely amplifies lonesome’s power, and the only defense against it is salty tears. Thankfully, there is a similar certainty that tells each young soul that lonesome will not last long. It is too fierce to stay long. Only the best of friends can help when lonesome comes and mute, four-legged ones are the best and most constant. They never tell about tears that soak onto their fur; they never repeat secrets whispered aloud to God. They don’t mind slow, sad songs when no one else wants to hear them. Their eyes always convey the right mixture of compassion and knowing wisdom. Lonesome is something even the young don’t want to remember, and animals never remember it any longer than nessesary. Many times in the history of lonesome, a tender soul, suspended between childhood and eternity, has resorted to such quiet friends.
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