318 Main Street • Smithfield, Virginia 23430

Casanova by Ray & Martha Rountree

From our series "Kodak Moments", this panoramic scene was inspired by one of our favorite sightings on the farm -- an egret standing in our Old Mill Pond. Created out of a large, damaged Holly tree in our woodlands, the work is lathe-turned, sculpted, and detailed with Pyrography [writing with fire]. Holly is a white wood, but becomes less-white over time. To maintain the contrast between the white wood and Martha's darker pyrographic elements, Ray bleached the Holly after sculpting. Protected with several coats of clear lacquer, the vessel stands 14" high, 8" wide, and weighs 29 oz. Exemplifying the ancient traditions and new expressions of today's turning movement, this work would make a dramatic addition to one's Contemporary Woodturning collection.
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