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Dale Glasgow The Blessing, Giclee Fine Art Paper, Open Edition, 8.5 x 11

The Blessing 18 X 26 Giclee on canvas$495.00
George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, the fearless commander of the Continental Army who led the Revolutionary War to victory claiming America’s independence over the British is the national symbol of the United States.

George’s life accomplishments, his supernatural protection, his destiny was summed up by himself, “All that I am I owe to my Mother.”It is written that she went to a rock near her home every day and prayed for George, that rock is still there and is now named Meditation Rock in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Mary is buried there.

Divine intervention saved George Washington many times. Just one of the countless glowing instances was when George narrowly escaped death in Pittsburg on an expedition to overwhelm the Indian-stronghold. He had been sick in bed for ten days, weak as he fought. Four bulletspassed through his coat, two horses had been shot out from under him, and he was the lastof twenty officers left alive to command their small army. He confessed that the all powerfulprotection of Providence had saved him.

The Washington family was devoted to prayer and meditation to the Lord. Laurence Washington, a cousin and childhood playmate, said that he loved visiting George Washington’s home and of Mary he said, “She awed me in the midst of her kindness.”

George’s great-grandfather had the Ten Commandments engraved on his tombstone.

Just days before George Washington’s presidential inauguration in New York City, he went to visit his greatest prayer warrior, his mother. It was on April 14, 1789 in Mary’s home in Fredericksburg, VA that they exchanged their last goodbyes and her final blessing over her son.

George and Mary met in her bedroom sitting area and George gave her the profound news that he had been selected to lead our new country.

The Mother of our country put her hand on his head for her final blessing and proclaimed that Heaven’s and his Mother’s blessing would always be with him. They embraced at her bedroom door and said their tearful goodbyes. Mary died of breast cancer 3 months later.

George always addressed his mother with honor in his letters – “Honored Madame.” Oh, that our children today will stand and call their mother honored because of the hours spent in prayer for them.

When Dale painted “The Blessing” he sought to capture a moment in our country’s history so relevant to our culture today. This moment will be a testament to today’s strong praying mothers, to love and carry on for your families unselfishly in spite of hard times. And most of all, to remain true to your faith in God.

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