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Arizona by Tom W. Freeman

Image size: 19 1/4" x 30" Overall size 24" x 33 7/8" 750 signed and numbered 75 Artist's Proofs
U.S.S. Arizona passes Diamond Head on November 28, 1941; U.S.S. Phelps (DD-360) is the escort. On 28 November 1941, BATDIVONE (Battleship Division One) including the Arizona stands out to sea for the last time under what was now a troubling time for peace. In a matter of days the aircraft of the Japanese carrier strike force will arrive and America will be at war. Within eight minutes after first attack this majestic ship would be destroyed, claiming 1,177 officers and men including Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd whose only remains are his melted Naval Academy ring fused to the bridge he died on. 233 bodies were recovered from the Arizona and interned in the National Cemetery of the Pacific or returned to the rightful next of kin. 944 men still stand the watch aboard the battleship Arizona at her last mooring F-7 forever entombed in the wreck of their gallant ship. Documentation by Don S. Montgomery, USN (Ret.)
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