318 Main Street • Smithfield, Virginia 23430

Fredericksburg Autumn by Tom W. Freeman

Fredericksburg Autumn, 35 Giclee on Canvas FRAMED S/N Last one Image Size: 44" x 16"$850.00 Fredericksburg Autumn,Image Size: 32 5/8" x 16 5/8"$225.00
Fredericksburg Autumn During early settlements the waterways were super highways joining the farms and tradesmen to the commericial markets of the world. Fredericksburg like any other early city was established as a riverport. Named after the Crown Prince Frederick, the city was formally recognized in 1728. Soon becoming a commercial center for tobacco, corn,tradesmen,immigration, and a southern metropolis for sailing vessels. The people flourished as well, building brick houses, elegent and grand, many of which still stand to this day. In 1998, internationally acclaimed artist Tom Freeman produced the first print ever to feature Fredericksburg's busy waterfront. Based on painstaking research Fredericksburg Landing - 1860 was an instant success. Now Mr. Freeman has completed Fredericksburg Autumn, painted in oils. Providing another stunning view of the town also in 1860, this time as viewed from Chatham Heights. The well know steeples of the Baptist Church, St. George's church, and the Courthouse are all visible in the background. One can almost feel the crisp autumn air, while catching the smell of the smoke waifing from the chimneys as the farmers work to bring in the fall harvest basking in the silence befallen this Virginia town.
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