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New Jersey off Vietnam by Tom W. Freeman

New Jersey off Vietnam, Image Size 18 1/4" x 26 1/2". Overall Size: 13 5/8" x 30". 75 Artist Proofs, Signed and Numbered$200.00 New Jersey off Vietnam, Image Size: 18 1/4" x 26 1/2". Overall Size 13 5/8" x 30". 750 Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered$150.00
After coniderable debate and uder strong encouragement from the Department of Defense, President Johnson called for the reactivation of the formerly decommisioned Iowa class battleship New Jersey to join the conflict in Vietnam. On August 1, 1967 it was announced that the New Jersey would be called out of retirement and plans were set in place to bring her up to speed. The New Jersey was selected from among the remaining Iowas in mothballs to be reactivated mainly because she was the most recent to be regunned before bieng decommisioned. Arriving off the DMZ on September 29, 1968 the New Jersey formally joined the war in Vietnam.
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