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Jack Cribbs "American Spirit"

Jack Cribbs "American Spirit" Canvas Giclée 18x27$375.00 Jack Cribbs "American Spirit" Original Oil 20x30$3,800.00
The American colonies had done the unthinkable: they challenged the most powerful nation on earth! Soon the British Empire would dispatch the largest naval fleet and army she had ever sent abroad to crush this American Revolution. The discipline and tenacity of the superbly equipped British soldier was well known throughout the world ~ and the British Navy ruled the high seas. On July 2,1775, following the misnamed Battle of Bunker Hill, George Washington took over the colonial forces. The General started the slow, painful and often discouraging process of molding everyday farmers and merchants into a disciplined army ~ able to match the experienced soldiers of King George III. Washington recognized one of the most essential tools necessary to ensure victory. The will found deep within each soldier could shed the restraints imposed on every colonist by the British Empire. His General Order issued one year later in New York reflected his confidence that this powerful tool could be found in the spirit of the American fighting man. As I created this work my desire was to depict the determination and fighting spirit of those who fought and died for the freedom we hold so dear. Each of us is called upon at some point in our lives to stand up for what is right and true. May we face those challenges in the same spirit as those who have gone before us.
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