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Jack Cribbs "And All the King's Men"

Jack Cribbs "And All the King's Men" Canvas Giclée 18x27$375.00 Jack Cribbs "And All the King's Men" Ltd Edition, Signed & Numbered (Series of 100)$90.00 Jack Cribbs "And All the King's Men" Original Oil 20x30$3,800.00
“I am satisfied that one active campaign, a smart action, and burning two or three of their towns, will set everything to rights.” - Major John Pitcairn, Royal Marines April 1775 before the Battle of Lexington and Concord At the time of the American Revolution, the British military was the most powerful force in the world. The discipline of the ordinary line soldier was legendary, fueling a sense of self confidence that those who opposed the Crown knew all too well. Nevertheless, this discipline and confidence could not match the determination of our young nation. The colonists’ passion for liberty would eventually “... set everything to rights.”
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